Welcome to Carolina Health Center

You probably already know that health and happiness is your natural state. Did you also know that deficiencies or interferences cause chronic conditions, pain, and suffering? We practice simple, safe, and smart medicine. Our patients “heal themselves” because they give their body what it needs and does not have, and remove what it has and does not need.


We do not treat “named” conditions. We use innovative evidence-based methods to treat the “cause and symptoms” of most conditions. Pain, anxiety and autoimmune are accurate examples. This is how we have helped hundreds feel better, improve their quality of life, and sustain our impeccable reputation since 1997.


Pain Management

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) instantly releases all types of chronic pain.

Mental and Emotional Conditions

Neurotransmitter Therapy naturally stimulates your body’s pharmacy to release the neurochemicals that provide long lasting peace and deep relaxation.

Internal, Complex, and Mystery Medical Conditions Solved

State of the art equipment detects and removes toxins, pathogens and food sensitivities not previously considered by others. Immunity stimulating light therapy, detoxification, nutraceuticals, and recommended lifestyle changes enable you to reduce inflammation, eradicate pain, restore tissue and function, achieve a deeper sense of well-being and heal.


About Us

We are a team of board certified acupuncturists with over fifty years of combined clinical experience in Pain Management, Bioelectric, and Biological Medicine. We create and implement personalized health strategies that are truly meaningful, with the science of well-being at the heart of how we live and practice.


Being a source of health and happiness for those around us while remaining inspired and happy ourselves is our aspiration. We believe in miracles and are happiest when helping others. You can call and together we will determine if CHC is the most beneficial choice you can make now.


Peter Kapetanakos LAc

Teresa Baltzell LAc

Charles Baltzell LAc